Thursday, 14 April 2011

RAM is volatile or non-volatile memory? & What is the difference between volatile and non volatile memory?

In general, we know there are two types of memory in our computer- Hard Disk and Random Access Memory(RAM). In our daily conversation, we always refer the RAM as memory and Hard disk as Hard disk.

Theoretically, our computers indeed has two types of memory but there are classified as Volatile and Nonvolatile. When a computer's power is turned off, volatile memory loses its contents. As for Nonvolatile memory, by contrast, does not lose its content when the power is removed from the computer, for instance when the computer is turned off or in case of a power failure or other loses of electricity to the computer.

Another word, volatile memory is temporary whereas Nonvolatile memory is permanent.

Based on the explanation above, could you differentiate now whether RAM is volatile or nonvolatile? And let me ask you one more question, Hard Disk is volatile or nonvolatile? Check out the answer at the bottom of the post. Thank you.

Random Access Memory(RAM)
Hard Disk

Random Access Memory(RAM)- Volatile Memory
Hard Disk - Nonvolatile Memory


  1. please,tell me what is non volatile ram?

  2. RAM is volatie
    and HDD is Non-volatile

  3. Sorry for being behindhand in answering your questions. Rajesh Kumar is right. Generally, Random Access Memory (RAM) is volatile whereas Hard Drive Disk (HDD) is non-volatile.

  4. Sorry for being behindhand in answering your question Ranjan K. Volatile memory refers to memory that will lose its contents when the power source is removed, however, non-volatile memory refers to memory that will retain its contents even when the power source to the non-volatile memory is being removed. Generally, Random Access Memory (RAM) is volatile. However, with the advancement of technology, there could be existence of non-volatile RAM in the market. Non-volatile RAM simply means random access memory that could retain its contents even when the power source to it is removed or turned off.

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